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Trauma is often caused by an ACE: Adverse Childhood Experience. There can either be Big T's (for PTSD or complex trauma--single or ongoing major events) or Little T's such as divorce, not the greatest step mother/father etc....Trauma leads to a constant state of activation which can only be dealt with by deactivation and the willingness of the client to work upon this. The main area affected is the neo-cortex which is involved in perception, conscious thought and even motor commands. At LoveJoy counseling, we understand trauma and its affect upon the life of one who has experienced it. Please reach out to us; Change Happens!

Pertaining to the above, there are several tools we use at LoveJoy to determine levels of trauma which in turn are enlightening as to various directions therapy might take. One of these tools is the ACE instrument. ACE stand for Adverse Childhood Trauma. It consists of ten questions that have been show that the higher one score the more likely that individual might suffer various consequences in his or her life such as problems in school, problems in relationships or a hard time keeping a job. At LoveJoy we are committed to proper assessment and support for those who have undergone traumatic events in his ore her life. Please see the ACE scale on the next page located in tabs under ACE Questionnaire.

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