Therapy and Counseling services in Aurora, Centennial and surrounding areas! Addictions, assessments, trauma, abuse, dual-diagnosis, psychosis bi-polar, depression/anxiety and intellectual disabilities!



COVID-19 is the official WHO designation for what is commonly referred to as the Corona Virus--so named due to its crown shape appearance. Though survival right is quite high, it is highly contagious and the novelty of its"newness" increases anxiety. It is this anxiety that mental health professionals are called upon to deal with as well as collateral outcomes such as job loss, isolation etc...

Here we are prepared to assist persons dealing with all facets of the illness within the psychological spectrum-dear, anxiety, loneliness, questions about existence, faith issues etc...Below are some ways we help:

1) First we provide an ear--an outlet for frustration. Whether in virtual or face to face.

2) We offer assistance with perspective and turning the mind.

3) Through DBT, ACT and CBT we provide the client with the possibility of looking at things in a different perspective.

4) SMART goals

5) We assist with various elements relating to existential though which often examines purpose, life meaning, responsibility and action.

Thank you and let us know how we can assist..Change happens!


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